Message from the Director

Dear Students,

Our V
ocational School has been serving since 1993 with its experienced and competent academic staff. Our vocational school has always been a preferred school with its current programs and curriculum. The reason for our success is that we try to provide quality-centered and student-oriented education. "Higher Education in Turkey" Council of Higher Education "our country" Turkic Republics, Middle East and Africa "training base has taken important steps towards that. In this process, foreign students study at our vocational school. In this sense, our school does not only train professional staff to the national labor market. It makes preparations for the requirements of being an international institution in the future.
The mission of our vocational school is: "Entrepreneurs with high moral values ??and high knowledge, who use their knowledge and knowledge for the benefit of all humanity, have high moral values, are able to think modernly, creatively, positively and critically, are sensitive to nature, depending on the basic principles of the Republic of Turkey, the participants will represent countries all over the world, and productive is to train highly qualified professionals. "
For pre-licensing programs Level 5 Turkey Higher Education Qualifications Framework and "Professional Competence" (FMC) profession considering standards were updated our course in consultation with internal and external stakeholders.
Vocational School has to be given in the form of diplomas, qualifications confers associate degrees in the preparation of all education and training programs Learning outcomes have been prepared on the basis of knowledge, skills and competencies within the framework of level 5. Qualifications Based on program learning outcomes, lessons and lesson learning outcomes of related programs have been
created.These learning outcomes have been compared with other equivalent programs and stakeholder views have been tried to be obtained. It has started to be implemented as of the 2020 academic year. "
With the philosophy of "Knowledge Is Not Known, Apply", we focus on applied vocational education as well as theoretical education.
Our Vocational School prepares our students for post-school business life with internship and cooperation protocols and career days with the important institutions and companies in the sector.
I extend my love to all our students to spend their time in our Vocational School during their education and after graduation with good, good, efficient and happiness.